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Palliative Care Centre

Vathmeekam Palliative care center and home based Medical Services.

We are here to care

Vathmeekam Care Home

Vathmeekam Care Home : Your home, our commitment to care


Mrs. Mini P.K

Mrs. Mini P.K. is a dedicated nursing professional with over 25 years of experience in the medical field. With expertise in ICU and critical care, she has spent over a decade providing exceptional care to patients in need. Mrs. Mini P.K. is committed to serving the needs of individuals with compassion and empathy. Known for her nurturing approach, she creates a homely feel for patients under her care, ensuring their comfort and well-being. With her extensive experience and genuine care, Mrs. Mini P.K. continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

About Us

Sometimes a simple hug or smile can warm a heart and that’s a universal fact. There’s no human soul that doesn’t like solace and care. And when it comes to the old and disabled, they always yearn the consideration and attention as needed.

At Vathmeekam, that is exactly what we cater to. Our efforts are centric to relieve the suffering of aged patients and their families by extending the proper care and treatments as required.

Vathmeekam is a pioneer amongst the top Palliative Care Centres in Kerala. Vathmeekam was conceptualised with the aim to bring about a positive change in the field of Palliative Care Services in Kerala. Pain management is a specialized field in itself. At Vathmeekam Pain and Palliative Care, Kerala, our team precisely understands the fact that individual needs vary, and our care procedures are personalised to suit your loved ones’ individual needs.

Your parents might be living alone or left alone in the home when you leave for work. Loneliness can affect them physically and mentally. As we grow old we become more dependable and desire more attention. Elders like to be surrounded by laughter and talks.

That is where Vathmeekam becomes your best choice. We consider our patients as our own families. We give priority to their health and comfort. If you are looking for a safe place for your parents to have the best time, then think no more we are here for you.

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